Cristian Castiblanco

I am a software engineer with 10+ years of experience. I've worked with several stacks but specialize in JVM technologies (Java, Scala, Kotlin, etc.), and recently I've been working in data/backend engineering using Hadoop tech (Spark, Hive, Impala, etc.) as well as Apache Flink.


Scopely is a next-generation mobile entertainment network. I started working as an Android developer but quickly moved into backend and data engineering. I designed and built a myriad of services still used today; these are some of the most relevant milestones:

Apr 2018Design and development of Real-time ETL system
Oct 2017e-mail and push notifications campaigns delivery platform
Oct 2016Sessions aggregation system
Feb 2015Real-time metrics aggregation
Aug 2014Tracking and ingestion analytics backend and Android SDK

Telly’s mission is simple: To only play videos you’ll love. Discover all the videos your friends are enjoying across the web, as well as today’s most popular videos. Our fast growing community of over 8 million members is using Telly to discover and share great videos on our website and mobile apps.

Nov 2012Telly Android Application
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